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Sexy! [Feb. 21st, 2004|11:11 pm]


My submissions for this month:

black black heart - david usher
About wanting to have sex even when you know it's bad for you, that person is bad for you and only wants to use you - but you can't resist, they drip sex.
Beautiful song, I promise you'll love it.

sexy boi - air
Well, if I was a boi it's what I'd want to feel. But as it is I'll get a Germaine-Greer like thrill out of voyeurism. ^-^

everything and more - paul macdermott
Alot of sexiness to me is the expectation (typical Libran, I thrill to the chase) - and this is a song dripping with expectation, even moreso than black black heart.

Are we going to have a tie-breaker vote for last month's results? I wanna know what the optimistic song of the month is!